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It’s an extremely late March #GYST List

Marteen Fraser-Davis

March - The Month of the Female

March was truly the month to celebrate having a womb, from International Women’s Day to Mothers Day it felt like every woman was on a high and pushing each other to achieve greatness with inspiration left, right and centre. The Insta feed was FULL of inspirational quotes and a general happy vibe all together. There was no way my day could start or end on a low.

As a 30 year old I feel like I am finally finding myself, learning to love myself and be more confident. I am also raising a little princess who will soon be a queen in her own right and I want to raise her with such confidence and self love that no one can tell her something or any situation she faces can make her feel she is anything less than what she is - Amazing! I want her to inspire her peers and learn from them too, push each other to achieve greatness together and not see others as competition and fall into the ‘mean girl’ mentality that is so easily done. Below are a few of my fave quotes I found all promoting self confidence and self love!

*the picture doesn't want to load*

So this very late #GYST Playlist (sorry, it was supposed to go up 31st March) as an ode to some bad ass Females and a couple throwbacks that I really miss…6 easy tunes to vibes to while you get this week’s GYST list jotted down. Hit Play...

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

...or listen here

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